My mom’s friend is looking for someone to adopt her mother’s pair of sister-kitties. If you or anyone you know in southern Ontario is looking to adopt a pair of lovely, well-behaved cats, please let me know or pass this on.

Dear friends and family,
I apologize for re-sending this e-mail, but we’re still desperately trying to find a home for my  mom’s two beautiful cats.  I’ve created a colourful poster that you can circulate and ask folks to print and pin it up at their workplace, local supermarket, gym, community centre, etc.
I spent several  hours with Daisy and Callie yesterday.  They were very happy with the company but there were signs that they’re not thriving as well as they had with their mommy around all the time. 
It’s been a very lonely 4 weeks since my Mom left them and her home behind.  I can’t say enough about these wonderful cats.  Many cats would have been destructive after being alone that long, but not these gals.  Nothing touched or out of place. 
But we can’t leave them in this situation for much longer.  It’s just not fair to them.  Sadly, if we don’t find someone in the next two weeks to take them, we will have no choice but to surrender them to the Animal Shelter.  These girls are just too wonderful for that fate. 
So, please, please do what you can to post this poster and circulate the information.  Anyone wishing more information can contact me directly.
Thanks to all of you for taking the time to circulate and post this.  I hope my next e-mail will be to give you good news!!!
Karen Smart

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