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Do you think the new clips from the Moon Pride video were made specifically for the video, or were taken from later on in the series? Your thoughts on Usagi's eye style change? Do you think the animation will get to the point of being like this quality later on in the series?



Wonderful question! For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, after the release of Sailor Moon Crystal Act 2: Sailor Mercury, the official music video for Moon Pride was released! You can watch it here. (And I highly suggest you do. It’s stunning.)

NOTE: Instead of writing “music video” over and over, I will be shortening it to “MV”. Now to begin answering your questions!

Do you think the new clips from the Moon Pride video were made specifically for the video, or were taken from later on in the series?


I definitely feel like we will be seeing most of what we see in the MV in the actual Sailor Moon Crystal anime. Obviously, we will see all of the CG henshin sequences in SMC (which have completely grown on me, and I just love them), but I definitely think the vast majority of the Moon Kingdom flashbacks will also be a part of the show. Additionally, I think we can definitely count on seeing Sailor Moon’s attack with the Moon Stick.


Things I’m not too sure about include the CG walking sequence and senshi closeups toward the end of the video. I think these were either made especially for the MV or it will be a part of a second theme song. (Most anime at 26 episodes has a second theme song around the halfway mark.) 

Your thoughts on Usagi’s eye style change?


Her eye style change definitely surprised me a little, but considering most of Toei’s budget is obviously being put toward the ending and important moments (like we see here), I’m not surprised they look so different. And it’s a VERY good different. There’s so much light and beauty in her eyes. It just gets me really excited! Serenity just looks absolutely stunning.

Do you think the animation will get to the point of being like this quality later on in the series?

I think we all noticed the drastic quality drop when comparing the first and second episodes. (Though I saw some people actually liked the inconsistencies and wonky faces in episode 2 which, honestly, really surprises me. To each his own I guess.) The reason for this drop in quality is because Toei outsourced for the vast majority of the episode. (Aers00 tweeted me the credits from the end of the episode.) I will say for the millionth time, Toei has not been animating SMC for the past 2 years. They only decided on a character designer a year ago which was stated by the director in a recent article. Delays are entirely normal in animation and anime especially. Toei is currently working on 3 films and half a dozen shows as well. They only have so many people working for them at a time which is definitely part of the reason for outsourcing. And, of course, time issues. I honestly think their decision to outsource for episode 2 was a smart one.

  1. It’s a well known fact Ami/Mercury is the most popular senshi in Japan. So basically fans would be willing to overlook a drop in quality for the sake of Mercury. (Her speech looked utterly fantastic btw.)
  2. The Japanese Blurays/DVDs are being sold two episodes per disk release. Obviously, people want to purchase the first disk of the new Sailor Moon Crystal to own the first episode. So even with a drop in quality for episode 2, people will want to own episode 1.

Of course, those points are entirely my own speculation, but I think it’s pretty reasonable. Also, the PV for episode 3 looks like the quality will be shooting back up again.


Now, regarding the MV, I definitely think we’ll be seeing the more important moments animated at a higher quality. For example, there’s the scene where Usagi and Mamoru expose their identities to one another (one of my favorites from the manga). I’m expecting that particular scene/episode to look especially nice, because it’s an absolutely pivotal moment. Obviously the flashbacks will be gorgeous, and undoubtedly the final episodes will look beautiful. Cutting back on early episodes saves money for later ones which is something done relatively frequently in anime. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this drop in quality/outsourcing happens again.


This MV was basically a dream for me since it’s basically everything I have wanted for SMC. And on top of it, the animation is just breathtaking! I’ve probably watched it 50 times by now haha. Thanks for the great questions!

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Let’s be honest

Moon Pride video was not to show off the song.

It was to show off the the freaking animation they are holding out on us to later.

To show they are going to be a bunch of trolls when it comes to Usa/Mamo/Sere/Endy when the time comes. 


To show off that Usa and the girls can walk a runway if they want to with either ” Clique” ” Bow Down Bitches/ Flawless” or “Diva” playing in the background.




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